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Episode 210 Digital Marketing Podcast

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Are you looking for techniques and methodologies to further improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns? This week’s podcast guest may well rock your world and open your eyes. ( In a good way)

After a successful career in marketing, developing ideas and concepts to engage stakeholders for several hundred organisations, David Allison recognised the need for a more scientific method to determine what influences a target audience. Like many of us, David realised that so many of the demographic and age-based stereotypes just don’t work anymore. People of all ages are not conforming to traditionally held aged based groupings that so often are foundational to our marketing and campaign analysis. So David set about getting the data to explore what he was sensing but using big data.

What We Value Determines What We Do’
Working with a university-based social scientist for two years, David built the Valuegraphics Database. The whole process was guided by a fundamental principle of sociology, psychology and consumer behaviour: what we value determines what we do. The result is Valuegraphics, the first big data tool that gives organisations and industries the data they need to motivate a target audience using core human values, an approach the statistics have shown is as much as eight times more effective than using outdated demographic stereotypes.

David shares with us how his model helps consultants, advisors, creative teams, marketers and brands use big data to inform their ideas and strategies. Armed with Insights from the Valuegraphics Database which David and his team continue to grow and expand, they identify the values that determine how people will behave in any given situation, and what will motivate them most.

If you have ever been frustrated by the apparent weakness of traditional demographic and age profiling so commonly overused in Marketing, we think Valuegraphics will provide you with a fresh alternative for analysing your customer and prospective customer data. Replacing guesswork and opinions with data; this is a methodology designed to help creative content marketers focus on making their best, most motivating work for the audiences that matter.

If you want to find out more about Valuegraphics and how it can help you avoid basing your campaigns around outdated and inaccurate age-based stereotypes we highly recommend David’s Book ‘We Are All The Same Age Now’. You can find a link to below together with some other resources David shared with us to pass on to you all.

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