Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google Analytics. It differs greatly from the older Universal Analytics (GA3) platform in terms of its features and the data it collects.

The October 2020 launch of GA4 may have passed you by. Currently, the new platform is still available in parallel with the previous iteration of GA, Universal Analytics, and so many account-holders have ignored GA4 and kept using Universal Analytics – a platform they know and like.

Google have now announced that on July 1st 2023, Google will stop processing new hits for Universal Analytics, so you should consider getting GA4 set up to run alongside your current analytics.


The focus of this GA4 online training course will be getting familiar with the core reports and functionality of GA4 Analytics:

  • Understanding key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4
  • Important settings in GA4
  • Understanding and organising events in GA4 – automatic events, enhanced measurement events, recommended events, custom events
  • Working with standard GA4 reports – understanding dimensions and metrics, acquisition reports, engagement reports, monetization and demographic reports
  • Customising standard reports
  • Working with custom reports
  • Marketing campaigns and attribution – working with UTM parameters, default channel groupings, attribution settings, models and data-driven attribution, model comparisons and conversion paths
  • Our tips on basic GA4 configuration and setup* - setting up a measurement plan, common platform plugins, outsourcing manual integration, fault finding using GA4 debug mode / Tag Manager preview mode, GA4 Debugger, sources for further learning on configuration and implementation
  • * Please note that getting set up on Google Analytics 4 is typically tailored and different for every website and content management platform. Although we will touch on basic setup and troubleshooting tools within this session, if you are starting from scratch we would recommend approaching an agency or developer to assist you in getting your website and content management system correctly recording visitor data in GA4.


Our trainers have extensive experience delivering real-world campaigns for many of the world’s leading brands. This means you are not just attending a training course but will get customised consultative insights and experience throughout the day, with suggested solutions o your individual challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering training that is fully consultative and outputs plans that can be implemented in the real-world. All of our courses include workshop activities that generate content and plans to help you achieve your business objectives.


Daniel Rowles

CEO & Lead Trainer

Daniel is CEO of Target Internet and our lead trainer. He oversees the production of all of our training and elearning content. He is also the host of the Digital Marketing Podcast, a Programme Director at Imperial College London and an award winning author with books translated into 12 languages. Read Daniel's bio


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Daniel’s first class training helped underpin significant year-on-year revenue uplift within Pearson UK’s team. New techniques learned around digital marketing and lead nurturing allowed the team to improve its efficiency, customer relevance and ultimately generate more marketing qualified leads. It also contributed to the team’s motivation, and sharing of ideas and gave them real perspective on what best practice looks like in B2B marketing.
Jean-Michel Maltais, Interim VP Marketing, Pearson