Digital Marketing News Update 10th May

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Welcome to our latest digital marketing news update that we publish every two weeks. You can read the article below or, if you'd rather listen, click the player above. We'd love to know what you think of this format.


Instagram algorithm updated to benefit content creators


Previously, creators with large followings, and aggregators (accounts that repost content), have received more reach than some original content creators. Now, Instagram has confirmed that it will be changing how its algorithm ranks content to allow more chances for original creators content to be seen.

They are doing this in four ways:

  • Changing the ranking to give smaller creators more distribution
  • Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations
  • Adding labels to reposted content that links to the original creator
  • Removing content aggregators from recommendations

The platform hopes the change will help Instagram be a place where all creators have equal chances at breaking through.

Read more about Instagram’s algorithm changes here.


NoSpace - a new social media platform


If you’re missing the days of Myspace, or social media when it’s primary focus was connecting with loved ones before cryptic algorithms and 80% ads, enter NoSpace.

NoSpace is a new social media app with a mission to revive social media to what it used to be in simpler times, a purely social space. The new app, with a playful Gen Z-focused theme, encourages users to share updates on what they’re eating, gaming, watching, reading and more and allows you to customise your profile with colourful themes. 

Due to be released next month, it’s bringing back the fun to social media and has already developed a waitlist of around half a million users.

Read more about the launch of NoSpace here.

Join the NoSpace waitlist here.


TikTok and Universal Music Group reach an agreement



After a three month dispute, TikTok and Universal Music Group have finally reached an agreement that allows the songs from the label’s artists to return. 

UMG originally let their TikTok license lapse in protest against TikTok’s low compensation rates for artists. However, with fans finding workarounds to illicitly upload UMG songs to TikTok, and Taylor Swift striking her own deal with them allowing her music to return to the app, the two have reached an agreement that includes “improved remuneration”.

With music being an integral part of TikTok, and many artists having originally found fame through their music going viral on the app, it’s good news that the two have found a way to move forward.

Read more about the TikTok and Universal Music Group agreement here.


Meta is rolling out new AI-powered tools


Meta has recently introduced new generative AI tools that will help its advertisers automate parts of the ad creation process. Much like Google Ads’ use of generative AI, Meta will use information provided to generate ads.

The introduction of generative AI includes image generation and text generation. Advertisers can create image variations inspired by original creative assets, and Meta AI can also generate headlines and body copy in line with tone of voice guidance.

Read more about Meta’s AI powered tools for advertisers here.

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