ø What our clients say

"Target Internet has a brilliant way of breaking down the complex -demystifying rapidly changing tools and trends – distilling information down to exactly what the end user needs to know, with insight into how to best utilize it. I was constantly impressed with [their] level of in-depth knowledge on each subject matter bringing a full understanding of the topic, in a way that is practical and easy to understand. TI’s level of customer service is exceptional, constantly in touch, incredibly responsive, listens to their customers."

ü Veronica Tucker

Global Learning & Talent Manager

"We had the need to update the digital skills within our Communications and Marketing Team and considered a range of options for doing this. The CIM’s digital e-learning system was advertised in The Marketer magazine and so we decided to find out more. It represented good value for money for us to train our whole team and the short, web-based modules gave the most flexibility to fit this in around everyone’s busy day jobs. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the content and format."

¥ Clare Yau

Group Manager Marketing and Engagement

"Target Internet’s digital elearning course is an excellent way to enhance your digital capability, with the subject chunked up into easy to understand topics that can be tailored to your skill level. There are plenty of up to date examples, further information links and interactive tests to help you check overall comprehension. Further topics are also regularly introduced and everything is inter related, so key skills are built up. Overall its an excellent way to either fill information gaps or understand the overall subject."

ü Gareth Helm

Brand Director

"All the advice and information offered by Daniel was completely practical, relevant and presented in an easily digestible and interesting way which the editorial teams really appreciated."

ø Selina Holliday

Digital Marketing Executive

"The courses were very helpful to develop and strengthen our team’s knowledge in Marketing. The website is inspiring and the examples given are relevant to our daily work. We can highly recommend you to start your training now."

î Leticia Vilares

Marketing Manager

"The collaborative working style and undisputed industry knowledge has enabled us to craft a continuous fast-to-market selection of introductory and intermediary tutorials. Content is relevant, immediate and impactful. Their willingness to partner in translating business challenges into learning solutions has demonstrated ROI and effectiveness. From launch Target Internet worked with us as we test, learn and adapt to evolve our offering to truly engage a worldwide audience."

é Global Director Learning

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