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Episode 190 Digital Marketing Podcast

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20 mins

YouTube has for a long time been know as the world’s second largest search engine but with over 50 years of content uploaded every day its easy for your video content to never really get found by the audience you made it for.  Understanding how YouTube ranks the content it indexes is vital if your video content strategy is going to work. Ciaran talks to Rob Wilson, Video Spokesperson for VidIQ about their platform which helps you to view some great publically available metrics that YouTube doesn’t show you by default. Using these metrics gives marketers a much broader view of how their videos are performing and helps to indicate why some videos are more successful than others. The toolset also enables brands to far more effectively benchmark competing videos in the content space and learn from them.

Understanding Key Metrics and YouTube Video Tags

We explore with Rob what makes for an effective YouTube video, how to make good use of video tags, how to leverage on trending topics and how to go about exploring the right phrases and keywords to reach a broader audience. We also explore which metrics matter to YouTube algorithm. Packed full of examples and guidance on how to be more effective with your video channels, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Create content that gets found on YouTube

Rob has years of experience getting the best out of YouTube, so listen in if you would like to discover how to make more from your investment in video content. If you haven’t checked out the VidIQ browser extension, you should. It’s so good it caused Ciaran to forget to eat lunch ( a fact which we know will shock anyone who knows him.)

Useful Links

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Also, check out VidIQ’s new free tool that instantly ‘audits’ your channel

And finally, take a look at how Rob reviews other channels.

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