Do you understand how secure your website is from hackers? If you have never looked into this, it might be a lot more vulnerable than you think! It’s so easy to overlook Website security and to tell ourselves it is someone else’s problem until the worst happens and you get hacked. At that point, you’ll wish you had paid more attention and taken a proactive interest in keeping your site and content secure.

To help all our listeners understand website security and what you can do to improve it, we talk to Alycia Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Sucuri and explore how marketers should be rising to the ongoing challenge of keeping our websites and digital properties secure from unwanted intrusions and hacks. Listen in for some really practical advice on how hackers might size up or start probing your site, and what you can do to ensure you don’t invite in unwanted guests with slack practice. Learn what you can do to stay safe and keep the website hackers at bay.

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