In a continually evolving social media landscape, consumers are becoming less willing to sit through corporate trade driving videos prompting a purchase; this has driven a surge in experiential activations with everyday people as the participants, resulting in the creation of emotionally engaging digital content.

Here are 6 of the most unique, disruptive and memorable examples of brands that have succeeded in this…

West Jet – Surprise and Delight – Unexpected!

Canadian airline West Jet expected at most 800k views of their Christmas Miracle video which shows them buying wished-for Christmas presents for passengers while they were in the air and surprising them on arrival. In fact they got over 13m views from more than 200 countries within a few days and made news headlines around the world. Two years later the views stand at 44m and the video only cost a fraction of the usual 6 figure sum to produce an advert, plus due to viral sharing there was no media cost at all.
The Facebook engagement score for west jet now far surpasses that of other beloved airlines and the score for their Christmas Miracle post reached 1700 – that’s 35 times more engaging than their industry standard score of 50.

Tesco Wigan Activation – Social listening

When Wigan resident Claire Hannah tweeted her disappointment that her local store sign didn’t have a Tesco hat on it as many other stores did, Tesco went above and beyond to kick off Wigan’s festive season in style.

TNT – Public Disruption

Ever imagined what it’s like to be on the film set of an action movie? Well, this is probably as close as most will ever get. TNT, as new TV channel in Belgium, created a high octane action scene which like any good drama is memorable and entertaining, leaving participants and viewer with a expectation for the channel.

Coca Cola – Audience Participation

Who doesn’t want to be James Bond? For 60 seconds participant got to evade a series of staged obstacles to reach a goal, all set to the charismatic theme tune. Teaming up two seemingly opposite brands in Coke-cola and James Bond, this video shows how to big brands has a very personal feel, all reliant on the participant willingness to have fun.

Always – Like a girl – Challenging Perceptions Behind Closed Doors

Unscripted and using real people Always challenged social perceptions with this powerful campaign to redefine confidence for girls going through puberty in a relatable and culturally significant way. The ‘like a girl’ campaign took off immediately and achieved 85m views from over 150 countries.

Gatorade – Replay – Sporting Event

Who doesn’t wish they could go back in time ? Well, a group of men got the chance to replay “that” game football again, 15 years later. Gatorade created a story that evolved and showcased all the virtues of togetherness, commitment and endeavour. Engrossing, you keep watching.