4 Mobile Wins for your Ecommerce Business

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Mobile is no longer just a buzzword within digital marketing – it is digital marketing. With 51% of UK ecommerce sales happening via mobile it is more important than ever to embrace omni-channel marketing. We have selected 4 key steps to help you, your colleagues & marketing agency collaborate to optimise your marketing strategy:

  • Learn from ecommerce masters

Ecommerce giant ASOS saw 50% of sales come through a mobile device in February 2016. Read about how CEO Mark Beighton credits YouTube & Snapchat as ASOS now take 24,000 photos a day to distribute across social media channels: https://www.marketingweek.com/2016/04/12/mobile-now-accounts-for-50-of-sales-at-asos/ 

  • Moz gives you the A-Z on mobile optimisation

How do you make sure your site is optimised for mobile? Moz looks at optimising site design, site structure & mobile speed to give your customers a seamless mobile experience:


  • The fall of bricks and clicks, the rise of ‘showrooming’

In a 4G-enabled world stores are increasingly being used as showrooms – leading to mobile commerce dramatically overtaking bricks-and-mortar retail. The fact that three in four shoppers are researching products on their mobile device while in store should not be seen as a threat. Instead this is a great opportunity to seize market share from competitors.

It’s up to you to embrace this trend, not underestimate the power of mobile in physical stores and ensure shoppers are purchasing from you.


  • SMS marketing

Reach and engage with customers using powerful SMS text marketing. Companies use it to increase sales by offering special deals to their customers and for lead generation to build their database. It increases customer loyalty by keeping you in touch with them. You can literally put your marketing message directly into the hands of your current and potential customers.


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