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The Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 163

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20 mins

With the new GDPR legislation coming into force on 25th May 2018, most organisations are facing a genuine change to how they conduct their business and manage their data.

GDPR is a significant evolution of the current law and a step change that brings greater accountability, transparency and consumer control. To comply with this new legislation, all organisations need to fully understand the new rights for consumers and citizens.

To help, we went looking for an expert on the subject who can provide some real insight into how this legislation will translate into changes in how businesses operate and are managed. We speak to Michael Morrissey who shares with us some of the many changes this new legislation brings into force and provides some really practical advice on how rise to the challenges this change creates.

Michael is the Founder, Chief Commercial Officer and Certified Data Protection Practitioner at Sytorus. If you are looking for practical down to earth advice on GDPR and the steps you can take to embrace it within your business, then what Michael shares with us will, we think, be an enormous help.

Sytorus Ltd is a leading provider of a range of data protection services for organisations who wish to achieve and maintain a level of compliance with European Data Protection legislation. They also are the developer of Privacy Engine, a SaaS tool for Data Protection Officers to enable them to complete and record core tasks under the GDPR.

Useful LInks

Information Commissioners office GDPR resources and support

Sytorus Privacy Engine

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