Shop Visits Conversions & Location Extensions Added to Google AdWords

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Google AdWords has been kitted out with a set of new features, designed to “close the loop” between digital advertising and high street conversions.

In an announcement posted on the AdWords blog, Google’s VP of Display and Video Advertising, Brad Bender, revealed that clients will now be able to add location extensions to their Display Network ads, and track real-world shop visits from customers who have seen ads promoting the location.

The update consists of two complementary parts:

  1. Location extensions for Google Display Network – allows Display Network users to add their business address, phone number and other information to their ads. This extension can be used with targeting of users who are browsing the web whilst nearby to your business premises.
  2. Store visit conversion tracking – uses mobile data to track shop visits, which are logged as conversions. At present this feature is only available to high-volume AdWords clients with multiple locations.

Here’s what Brad Bender had to say about the new features:

“There is now a real connection between online ads and offline visits to stores: 30% of smartphone users who visit a website or app on their phones buy something in a store within 24 hours.

“That’s why we’re introducing location extensions and store visits measurement for the Google Display Network — to help marketers close the loop between online ads and offline sales. As consumers browse their favorite websites or interact with their favorite apps, you can reach them with ads that show your business address, Google Maps directions and photos.”

Action it!

Every business with real-world locations will stand to benefit from the locations extensions featured in this intriguing AdWords update – to the tune of a 10% boost in conversions, if Google are to be believed.

To enable location extensions, you’ll need to link your AdWords account to your Google My Business account, as this is where AdWords sources the info to create your locations extensions. The details shown are selected automatically, and could include:

  • The location’s business and holiday hours
  • Google reviews and ratings
  • The location’s phone number

Provided your AdWords and My Business accounts are linked, location extensions should already be showing up as an option in your extensions tab. Set up a quick A/B test to discover whether there’s any benefit – and if you’re working with a larger company, follow up with shop visit conversion tracking.

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