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The following documents and resources are aimed at supporting the academic use of the 2nd Edition of Mobile Marketing by Target Internet’s CEO Daniel Rowles. Daniel is also a lecturer at Imperial College London and Cranfield business school, so please do get in contact with any enquiries about how the contents of the book can be taught at both graduate and postgraduate level.

Full colour images of all diagrams in the book

All images from the book can be found here in full colour. Images are titled by chapter number and then figure number. For example 8fig4.jpg is Figure 4 from chapter 8 of the book.

Digital Toolkit listing the most useful websites and tools

The Digital Toolkit lists many of the tools and websites referenced throughout the book and all tools are categorised into the digital marketing topic they assist with. The toolkit is updated on a quarterly basis and the latest version can always be found on

Content Calendar as referenced in social media chapter

The Content Calendar Template is referenced in the social media chapter and at other points when content marketing is mentioned. It provides a template for planning the use of content across the digital disciplines.

Powerpoint slides covering core topics areas

Each of the core areas of the book are covered in these editable and un-styled Powerpoint slides. The slides also include ideas for exercises that can be carried out by students to help bring the practical aspect of the content to life.

Example exam questions and suggested answers

The example exam gives 4 questions, split into sub-sections, each with suggested allocated marks and suggested answer content. These questions should not be re-used in any formal exam but should be helpful in providing a format and context for examining the content of any course.

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