How to access a Meeting from your Oculus Quest

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At Target Internet we have been experimenting with running virtual training sessions. We covered our experiments in a recent podcast episode.

Not sure what is? Play this video is a virtual meeting space that can make use of virtual reality headsets. It’s kind of like a Zoom meeting but instead of everyone looking at flat screen images, meeting attendees are transported into a variety of beautifully designed 3d environments. It’s not quite photo-realistic but it’s definitely a step up from Zoom, especially if you need to organize and arrange objects and sketch out ideas with a dispersed team.

So how do you join one of these sessions? It’s a bit more involved than attending a Zoom meeting as you need to connect your headset to the room and get an account set up. Hunting around the web we couldn’t find any guidance on how to access a session, so after a little bit of trial and error we thought we would publish our own handy quick step guide.

We have been using the Oculus Quest 2 headset to attend these sessions but we assume the process is pretty similar on any other virtual headsets.

Spatial supports meeting attendance from the following platforms:- Oculus Quest HoloLens Magic Leap Nreal Beta Web iOS and Android. You don’t have to have a virtual reality or mixed reality headset. Anyone with the link can attend just using their web browser. However, as you might expect the experience is a very cut down version of the fully immersive virtual reality experience. So rather than suffer the cut-down experience, here is how you can attend the meeting in virtual reality.

To follow these notes you will need to have received an email invite to attend a room from the event organizer. These look a bit like this
( This one is made up for illustrative purposes)

8 Simple Steps to Enter a meeting on Oculus Quest 2

  • Step 1    Sign up for a free Spatial Account
  • Step 2   Log into your account using your web browser and go to the top left burger menu and select Profile to create your avatar.
    • how to set up your  profile / avatar

Step 3 Click on the edit pencil on the bank avatar to pull up the edit functions and you can either use your webcam to take a photo or upload a favorite mugshot from your hard drive. The screenshot below shows you how a photo avatar looks once you have uploaded a photo. Meetings, editing your Avatar
  • Step 4   Install Spatial on your Oculus headset ( Just search for it in the Oculus App Store)
  • Step 5  Open up Spatial in your Oculus and copy down the 5 character code the Oculus Spatial app gives you.
  • Step 6   When it comes to the session you need to launch the Spatial link for the meeting you were sent in your web browser first to attend.
  • Step 7   Click on the pair your headset icon in your web browser. It’s the VR icon in the top right of the screen ( see screenshot below) Meetings- how to connect  your Oculus headset

Step 8- Input the headset code in the box provided ( See screenshot below) This should get you into the meeting.

Note: Be sure to mute your computer audio or you can get bad audio feedback as both your pc mic and oculus mic feedback noise in an infernal loop. Also- be sure to charge up your headset in advance of the session. Meetings- Pairing with your Virtual Reality headset

Follow these steps and you should have no problem attending.

We will be running a trial training session around planning content this Thursday 20th January 2021 so get in touch with your email address if you have a suitable headset and would like to attend.

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