In this video we look into Mobile Marketing as part of the overall Marketing Strategy. The multi-screen journey and how Mobile Marketing must be an integral part of any Marketing Plan from the offset.


Hi, I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet, and in this video we're going to be talking about mobile marketing trying to put in perspective a little bit, and also talk about some useful tools that you can use with mobile.

You may notice that Google don't tend to use the word or the phrase mobile marketing, and they tend to talk more about the idea of a multi-screen journey. And that makes a lot of sense, because when you're to word mobile marketing it makes it sound like a separate thing. Maybe you've got search optimization, social media, e-mail marketing, and then mobile marketing. But it really doesn't work like that because mobile is something that impacts all of those other channels. We are searching on mobile devices. Something about 80% of e-mails are opened on a mobile device at one point or another, and 80% of Twitter usage is actually on mobile devices.

So mobile is something that impacts all of the others things that we're doing in digital marketing. It's much better to think of it as multi-screen journey. I will be doing things on a mobile device, which can be smartphone or a tablet. I will be doing things on my laptop or maybe a desktop, but also thinking about things like wearables when we've got watches and smart watches and so on, as well. And those number of screens is only going to increase.

So one of the challenges to think about is how big does my phone need to be before it actually becomes a tablet? There's no real answer to that. There's a whole industry based on phablets, those really big phones as well. What about if the screen on my laptop flips over, and that becomes a touch screen? Does that make that a tablet and a mobile device as well? What about if I've got my smart watch and I'm accessing website and some content from there?

All of these things are part of the user journey, and that's a much more important way to think about mobile marketing. Think of it as a change in the user journey is now going across multiple screens, and therefore, we need to make sure that anything we're doing is working across those multiple screens.

A quick tip or quick tool will be really useful for this. A great website called and as you can probably imagine from the name, you go into the website, you enter a website address, and it will show you what that website looks like on a particular device. But you can select from a long list of different devices, phones, and tablets to check what your content's looking like. So when you think about mobile marketing, don't think about it as something separate, but think about it something that impacts all of the other channels we're using and making sure we're thinking about that multi-screen journey.

I hope you found this useful video as a quick recap and position setting of what mobile is all about. If you find the channel useful, please subscribe and like this video, and I'll see you on another video soon.