In this video we look at what is Digital Transformation and the Capability Challenges it represents.


I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet and in this video we're going to be talking about digital capability and digital transformation. And I'll start by defining what those things really are and talk about why they're so important.

So one of the key challenges of digital marketing isn't actually the tactics and the channels we are using, search optimisation, social media, although they have their complexities, once we learn about them and we can implement them in the best practice ways, they're relatively straightforward. What's normally difficult are the other surrounding issues that digital causes the need for. So things like having the IT infrastructure in place, having leadership buy-in from our senior team are actually the things that can stop digital projects from going forwards and coming to successful completion.

So very much what digital transformation is really about is saying, "Where are we now? And where do we need to be in order to implement successful digital and overarching business strategies?" And the digital capability piece is really about what are the things we need and how can we assess ourself against those? So normally if we're starting any projects around digital, one of the first things we'll do is look at a whole set of criteria around leadership buy-in, IT infrastructure. Do we have things like a digital strategy in place? Do we have the governance, the policies, and process in place? To actually make sure we can do these things effectively. Now, even if all of these things aren't quite ready, what we're doing is identifying where our challenges are going to be and then look at what we need to do in order to get ourselves to a situation where we can implement things relatively easily.

So digital transformation, although it is somewhat of a buzz term at the moment, it's really good because it's actually identifying that there are some challenges in digital that have been causing us problems for a while. And we need to look at a broader strokes of our business to really say, "Okay, do we have the capability, the structure, and things like IT infrastructure in place to do things properly?" So you'll hear more and more about transformation projects, but if you go through to, you'll find a whole set of criteria you can judge yourself against. And there's also a couple of supporting podcasts there that should be useful as well.

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