Suck less! - data and analytics masterclass part 1

Episode 293: The Digital Marketing Podcast

Analytics & Data Podcast
17 mins

You’ve been tasked with increasing the success of your marketing efforts, but you don’t know where to start. Big data and analytics is becoming increasingly important in marketing, but it can be challenging to know how to use them effectively. Recording and gathering data on its own doesn’t get you results. You need to shape all that data into a meaningful story.

Learn from Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, how to tame large amounts of marketing analytics data and use it to increase your success. Avinash spills the beans on how to start leveraging all your marketing data. Set yourself an effective benchmark for what success looks like. Learn some simple yet creative ways to ensure your marketing efforts suck less next week than last month or last quarter!

Predictive Analytics – Predicting Future Outcomes

We also explore how to use predictive metrics to get meaningful insights. How helpful would it be to discover patterns that foretell possible excellent or poor future performance before it happens? Advanced artificial intelligence in analytics tools allow us to leverage predictive metrics to see what the future holds before it happens. Of course, that kind of functionality comes at a cost, but anyone can start to leverage predictive insights if they know where to look. Learn how to look at your data in reverse and start making smarter decisions to direct more effective marketing spending, placement, and outcomes.

Data And Analytics

Before results come objectives. Avinash takes us back to a foundational level and asks, “What are you trying to achieve?” Is that clear? Have you been specific?

Stop hiding behind complex concepts like machine learning, structured data, data mining, data warehousing, advanced-data models, and statistical algorithms!  None of this will help you if you miss a clear aim that your whole team is focused on. 

Key Insights

Are your Marketing team and Analyst team BFF? Do you all have a meaningful target to shoot for? Are you fishing out Dolphins when you wanted Stingrays? Avinash shares his top tips on reading your analytics data sources and metrics. Start turning data insights into action that gets results. Pair up your marketing skills and audience understanding with a great analyst and work together to ensure your most insightful data insights don’t die at the last mile.

Unstructured Data?

Finally, we explore where leadership and data analysis can collide into a train crash of poor performance. Discover the best way marketing leaders can ensure this doesn’t happen. As you will learn – it’s all on you as a leader to ensure you ask the right questions! What are those questions? Listen in, discover what you should be asking, and start reaping the rewards.

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