How can you use App Store Optimisation to improve your app store rankings?

With more than a million apps available on the Apple and Google Play stores, it’s hard for users to find the right one. It’s even more challenging for developers to get their apps noticed in this crowded marketplace. 

Leading global App Store search optimizer, Cindy Krum from Mobile Moxie, gives us a masterclass in how ASO works and how you can use it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

A closely related to SEO, learn what matters to the major App store search algorithms. Discover some subtle differences in how the Google Play store and the Apple IOS store use your titles, short descriptions, long descriptions, and keyword Tags.

Cindy also shares broader strategies on how to use App store Ads, App Pack Optimization and competitive intelligence for a more successful App marketing campaign. We explore some of the top tools that can help you assess your position in different app markets, see what’s ranking where all over the world. Gain insight into why one APP might be dominating and learn new ways of getting featured.

If you have an App and want to make it more findable, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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