QR Code Marketing in 2020

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20 mins

We revisit one of Ciaran’s favourite marketing formats, The QR Code. With both IOS and Android devices now including default support for reading QR codes, they no longer have the requirement to download additional QR code scanners for your audience to be able to use them. We think that’s a game-changer for Marketers considering using the format.

Seeking to discover what’s possible for marketing with QR codes in 2020, Ciaran speaks to Nils Engelking from QR code specialists  QR-code-generator.com. Nils’ company specialise in helping marketers all over the world to get the most from the QR code format. 

Nils shares with us some of the more innovative ways their clients are using the QR codes. Learn some of the key ways to effectively customise and integrate QR codes into your marketing. 

It’s a visual technology that anyone with a smartphone can use. Nils shares some core good practice principals of the format to ensure they work for your customers and audiences.

QR codes can and should do so much more than link to your home page. Listen in and be inspired by what this format might offer your organisations campaigns. Explore what’s possible with both static and dynamic version of the format, learn how you can utilise frames for your codes to drive higher levels of engagement and much much more.

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