Beverages Brand


Tribal DDB



Marketing objectives

Maximise impact of Champions League sponsorship

Drive brand awareness and engagement

Improve sales

Their challenge

The key insight at the heart of the campaign is that 76% of people watching the Champions League (a European football tournament) where watching it alone at home, and most of them where multi-screening with tablets and smartphones whilst watching the games.

Their solution

The Share the Sofa campaign created hundreds of pieces of video content that were broadcast via Twitter live as the football matches were played. These video clips were made by football celebrities that shared their opinions and insights on the match in a light-hearted and highly visual way from their own sofa.

Their results

The campaign generated over 1.2 Billion content views and gave Heineken a 79% share of all conversations in relation to the Champions League sponsorship online. It also lead to a 7% increase in purchase intent in the target audience.

What’s good about it

It’s a great campaign because it takes a clear audience insight on multi-screening and uses to this to create a core creative concept. The campaign was picked up my numerous media outlets and discussed globally, adding to its reach and impact.

Further Insights

The campaign used some innovative techniques to achieve live video streaming because it was created before Periscope (a Twitter app to create live video streams) was created. Because of Periscope, and other social live video streaming, such as Facebook Live, these kinds of campaigns are much easier to create now from a technical point of view.