When posting on social media, does video really get a higher amount of attention than static images? Video is fantastic for telling stories but what tools can you use to help you create video that helps to stand out on social channels? Daniel and Ciaran Investigate.  

Over the last few months we been playing around with static images on social vs video and have seen some remarkable results. Ciaran shares exactly how we are doing this, which tools we are using  plus  top tips on what we have found works. Since recording this we have been trying shorter form videos in the 8-9 second range as discussed. So far the longer variations are performing better. The things one learns when you take the trouble to test!

Ciaran also shares an set theory he has on video helping to drive better engagement on web pages. Does adding video help pages to rank because it drives up engagement? Ciaran thinks it does and shares with us why.

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SEO example video which was discussed.

Video we used in video version of the above tweet.

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