Digital Marketing News Update 12th April

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Welcome to our latest digital marketing news update that we publish every two weeks. You can read the article below or, if you'd rather listen, click the player above. We'd love to know what you think of this format.


TikTok’s new Instagram rival app

The current TikTok Notes landing page.


TikTok has teased a photo and text sharing app strikingly similar to Instagram. Select users, who have been prompted by pop-up notification, have been told that still photos shared to TikTok will also be posted on a “coming soon” platform called TikTok Notes, (unless they opt-out).

A landing page for the app,, has been pushed live as a teaser, with a non-functioning ‘Open App’ button.

This comes after TikTok has been encouraging users to post photo carousels, stating that they get 2.9 times more comments and 1.9 times more likes than video content, an interesting move from an app famous for its short-form video.

Although the app is currently being teased, there has been no confirmed launch date so far.

Read more about TikTok Notes here.


Google testing short videos in search menu


screenshot from LinkedIn of the short video tab.


Just two weeks after we wrote about LinkedIn introducing its own dedicated short-form video tab, we write about Google doing the same.

Google is now testing a short video option in the search menu bar, so you can filter your search results by short-form videos.

Google senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan said “In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram”.

By pulling together videos from YouTube Shorts, TikTok and other platforms to one central location, could Google’s new short video tab be their way of fighting off search engine competitors?

Learn more about Google’s new short video tab.


Adobe launches GenStudio


The GenStudio dashboard.


GenStudio is a new AI powered product by Adobe that helps to collage, build and manage assets needed to deliver cross-channel campaigns. Utilising generative AI, it allows any team member to quickly find and generate assets, create variations and optimise experiences based on content performance insights. It’s built for all sizes of organisations and is designed to be used by marketers or agencies.

GenStudio can be trained on your organisations branding, personas, and products to ensure that AI generated copy and images and relevant and on brand.

Learn more about GenStudio here.


Canva acquires Affinity


Affinity has more than three million users worldwide.


Canva (the online graphic design tool that we all know and love) has acquired Affinity, an award-winning creative software suite for professional photo editing, illustration, graphic design and page layout.

The acquisition from Canva supports their vision to ‘build the world’s most comprehensive suite of visual communication tools’ and is an interesting move into the professional end of the market.

Learn more about Canva’s acquisition of Affinity here.

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