Twitter, Social Promotion and Facebook Attribution

Episode 242 Digital Marketing Podcast

Communications SEO Podcast
20 mins

Daniel and Ciaran have been exploring what Twitter offers anyone looking to make use of the social network for sharing content and promotions. Ciaran explores how you can make use of more of Twitter’s visual features. We’ve been experimenting with different types of Twitter Cards. Learn what you can do with them and why they are so useful.

We explore the promotional mechanisms in Twitter, including Promoted Accounts, Twitter Promote Mode and Promoted Trends. We also explore the multitude of Ad targeting within Twitter, which are powerful and flexible. Have you set up your brands Twitter Pixel? If you want to reach the people who matter to you on Twitter, then you should.

We have also been experimenting with what paid for promotion can do for a brands visibility. We all know how poor organic reach can be on social. A little bit of experimentation on Social Ads and promotion has caused us to rethink our social strategies around different social platforms. If you consider the time and effort that goes into your content, why wouldn’t you put a marketing plan and budget around every piece you are producing?

Ciaran also shares a new tool for creating google analytics tracking. For a long time, we’ve been using Googles UTM code, and like many marketers, we have a collection of spreadsheet and Google Sheet tools which we put to use when required, but armed with, ciaran feels he has put the usual UTM code and spreadsheet chaos behind him. Check it out.

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