Long Sales Pages… Love them or hate them, they still dominate a big section of the online marketing sales arsenal across the web. The urban myth is that they particularly well in the US market. But do they? What do we think of them? Are they still a valid technique? Daniel Rowles, Ciaran Rogers and Andy White discuss their views on this controversial online sales method.

Useful Links
Take a look at the tomato growing example Ciaran mentions. Interestingly since we recorded this, the author has added an audiovisual slideshow to extend the story. We are not endorsing this book or it’s content in any way, but we include a link to the page in the show notes as an interesting example of the medium.



Our apologies for the quality of the recording on this one. It was one of the first recordings we did and we had a few technical issues that day. We almost didn’t put this episode live, but the content seemed to good to waste so we have dusted it off as much as we can and we hope you enjoy.

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