Digital Marketing News Update 7th June

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Welcome to our latest digital marketing news update that we publish every two weeks. You can read the article below or, if you'd rather listen, click the player above. We'd love to know what you think of this format.


Open AI and Reddit announce partnership


Reddit is a huge conversational space and community on the internet, and Reddit and OpenAI have announced a partnership that allows OpenAI to train its ChatGPT and AI models on Reddit content. The partnership is supposed to benefit both communities in numerous ways:

  • OpenAI will bring enhanced Reddit content to ChatGPT, through Reddit’s Data API, so that users can engage with Reddit communities
  • Reddit will bring new AI-powered features to its platform
  • Open AI will become a Reddit advertising partner

We know that Reddit is one of the largest open forums online, however with the varied content discussed, is it really what we want ChatGPT’s models to be trained on?

Learn more about OpenAI and Reddit’s partnership here.


TikTok launches TikTok Studio



TikTok Studio is a new comprehensive creation and management platform equipped with tools creators can use to create, edit, upload, manage and analyse their TikTok account and content performance. 

Using your TikTok account to log in, creators can now upload, film, edit and post to TikTok directly from the TikTok Studio and use in-house tools to polish their content. Previously creators relied on third party apps like CapCut to edit their videos before uploading them to the platform.

TikTok Studio replaces creator tools, and it is hoped that the new platform helps creators take complete control of their account operations.

Read more about TikTok Studio here.


Instagram launches 'Inspiration' feature



Instagram have created a dedicated ‘Inspiration’ destination for creators, to help them generate new content ideas.

By tapping ‘Inspiration’ in your professional dashboard menu, you’ll now find ideas tailored to you and what your followers are loving. You can bookmark trending songs and audio, check out reels that are performing well with your audience and just tap the plus icon to start creating.

Learn more about Instagram’s Inspiration feature here.


TikTok's new AI suite, Symphony


TikTok has recently revealed its new creative AI suite called Symphony, at its 2024 TikTok World Product Summit on Wednesday.

Symphony will be full of tools to help marketers write scripts, produce videos and enhance their current assets. For example, the new AI video generator helps generate TikTok-ready videos with just a few inputs from an advertiser and the new Symphony Assistant can help you refine scripts or write headlines for a new launch.

While TikTok continues seeing huge success, the fate of its future is still uncertain due to President Joe Biden signing the bill that forces parent company ByteDance to sell, if it does not want to be banned in the U.S.

Read more about TikTok’s new AI suite here.


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