Beat the kids at their own game, and Snapchat like a pro with our tools and techniques .

  • Create a Buzz

Audi created buzz worthy content through Snapchat, contributing to 30% of all online buzz during the Super Bowl. It was recorded as one of the fastest acquisitions of users ever, Audi gaining over 10,000 people on Snapchat alone, in just 48 hours. Their Facebook fanbase wasn’t far behind, increasing by 9,000.

Tip: Use the power of humorous, privately-distributed content over conventional advertising:

  • Find your funny

Take a leaf out of Lacma Museum’s approach – who added charm and humour to their snapchat account! In a bid to make fine art accessible to teens they superimposed themes and lyrics onto what might have been otherwise serious collection.

Snapchat Humour

Tip: Drive brand engagement through your Snapchat account by adding a funny element to your snaps.

  • A human touch

(RED) collaborated with Snapchat and celebrities to create special filters for users’ photos and videos. Every time a user tried out one of the filters, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $3 to (RED)

Tip: Pick a cause that’s near and dear to you. Millenials want to help make a difference.

Snapchat Human Touch

  • Play the game

H&M targets Polish youth market using upcoming chat app and innovative ‘Urban Chase’ game to get people in store,

The urban chase was a huge success; H&M gained 943 followers on Snapchat, had over 200 people play the game, 3.8million unique users learned that H&M was behind Boiler Room in Poland and lots of positive media coverage.

Tip: Millenials love to play games. Add some fun to your digital marketing campaigns to drive successful engagement

  • Tell your story

To coincide with its annual self esteem weekend, Dove has launched a new Snapchat initiative as the Unilever beauty brand looks to expand on upcoming digital platforms. The results were pretty high, with 75 conversations in all, and 130,000 views on the Snap pictures that were posted by the company.

Tip: For digital marketing success, keep your Snapchat matches your brand purpose and tells your story.

  • Dress for success

To increase Black Friday sales of its headphones, Beats bought the first Sponsored Lens for consumer products on Snapchat. Users could take the lens, put it over their photos, and produce a funny video. In the video, users’ eyes get wide and their heads bop back and forth to Drake’s “Big Rings.”

Tip: Don’t be afraid to take a chance to break through the noise and engage with your audience.