Marketing Skills Benchmark 2022

Episode 288 The Digital Marketing Podcast

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20 mins

The skills required to succeed in digital marketing are constantly changing, which makes it very hard to keep up with all of these changes.  So how is the marketing industry coping with developing and learning all these new skills? Daniel walks us through what  Target Internet’s Digital Skills Benchmark results tell us about the state of digital marketing at year-end 2021.

Published in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the 2022 edition of this report has some interesting findings. With data collated from thousands of marketers across the world, it helps us all understand our skill and knowledge gaps more clearly than ever before.

Listen in for the answers and find out what the benchmark level is among your level of seniority and discover how different sectors of our industry have performed.

Also under discussion, could Ciaran carry off being completely bald? We also explore, if Daniel and Ciaran were being chased by a Tiger, who would get eaten?

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Useful Links

Read about the 2022 Digital Skills Benchmark

Download the full benchmark report

Benchmark Yourself 
If you would like to benchmark your own performance you can. It only takes around 30 minutes. 

Benchmark Your Team
If you manage a team of marketing professionals, we are inviting teams of up to 30 people to benchmark their whole team (Usually we limit this to just 10.) To take advantage of this unique offer for podcast listeners, just mention you listen to the podcast in the message field of the application form.

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