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Episode 249 Digital Marketing Podcast

Social Media Podcast
20 mins

As we count down to this year’s Ad World in November, we speak to conference speaker Anthony Sarandrea, one of North America’s top lead generation experts.

Anthony shares with us how his team build and scale social Ad campaigns that pull in business at scale. Discover the methodology and formula he uses to create Ad campaigns that drive qualified leads for his clients. Learn how they focus on their audiences needs rather than relying on brand and product features to drive profitable leads.

What Anthony shares with us are hyper-effective yet straightforward techniques that anyone can follow. Do you understand who you are trying to reach so you can design campaigns to target them with a relevant and tailored message that meets their needs? Are your campaigns failing because they are just too broad, too dull or both? Are your Ad hooks strong enough to stop the never-ending scroll on social platforms? Could you grab a prospect’s interest without even mentioning your brand or service? Listen in and learn some new ways to approach using social media to reach a more targeted, qualified and valuable audience for your organisation.

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Adworld Conference 2-4th November 2020
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Anthony Sarandrea

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