Our Digital New Year Resolutions 2019

Episode 206 Digital Marketing Podcast

Tools & Trends Podcast
20 mins

Ciaran and Daniel are back to kick the new year off on the podcast with the exciting announcement about our new Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. We want to hear about your favourite digital marketing tools and resources for our soon to be launched Digital Marketing tools and resources. Just head over to our Digital Marketing Podcast Awards page to nominate your favourite and most trusted tools.

We also share some new year resolutions with a few changes we are making to the podcast which we hope will make things better and ensure that every week this year from this point on we have new podcast content for you. Have some feedback for us on the show? We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch .

Daniel discusses how he is attaining the utopian dream al marketers dream of ‘Inbox Zero.’ Find out the process he is using Sanebox and some email template tools to speed up dealing with email on a daily basis with a bit of automation, and finally making more use of task lists for anything that needs more than a couple of minutes to complete.

Ciaran explores both his poor parenting skills and how social, ‘social’ media is all in the same story which has led him to question if he needs social media in his life. Daniel shares with us his ruthless Facebook culling of non-friends to create a kinder gentler social space to enjoy. We also explore the overlap between email and social channels.

Ciaran and Daniel also explore website middle age spread/muffin overhang when it comes to website image sizes. How many images is your website packing over 1mb in format and is it slowing things down for your website visitors? Find out what’s slowing your site with the website speed testing tools in the show notes below. Once you’ve done that, Cut the image fat with Squoosh, a fab new web page based image compression app that will work wonders on image bloat on your site with a super visual and super easy to use Moz-jpeg compression utility.

You can also check out our guide to using Squoosh  and discover some of the new and beautiful web image formats you can start to explore and make use of.

Useful Links
Digital Marketing Podcast Awards- Enter your favourite marketing tools and resources

Sanebox (with a free $5 coupon to get you started)

Daniel’s crafty tool for email replies by keyboard shortcut

Watch Ciaran’s personalised video from Wistia

MailChimp industry email stats

Feedly News Aggregator Tool

Tim Ferris’s 5 Bullet Friday Email

Submit your tools and Twitter accounts


Google Page speed check


Target Internet Squoosh Image Optimisation User manual

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