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Welcome to the very first of our regular news updates that we will be publishing regularly, so you're always up to date on the latest trends. You can read the article below or, if you'd rather listen, click the player above. We'd love to know what you think of this format.


TweetDeck is Back as X Pro

Screenshot of X Pro, the new name for TweetDeck.

TweetDeck, the tool that allowed you to manage multiple streams of Twitter conversations and searches in one place, is back as X Pro. It has many of the familiar features with a new improved interface.

Our first impressions are VERY positive. It makes using X a much more curated and intuitive experience, and for marketers it makes monitor brands and topics much easier. However,its not free.  Beyond the edit button, it feels to us that if you are an active X business user paying for your blue tick is worth it now as X Pro is included.

Check out X Pro

Bard Becomes Google Gemini

Google is rolling out it’s new AI Gemini, which now replaces Bard.

Continuing with the theme of products that have been renamed, Google has renamed its AI-powered conversational tool Bard to Gemini and introduced a paid version, Gemini Advanced, which currently has a 2 month free trial available.

Gemini will be the new default assistant on Android and added to the iOS Google app, replacing features across several Google products. Gemini Advanced, powered by Gemini Ultra 1.0, promises enhanced capability for complex tasks and will initially be available in English in over 150 countries.

More features, including multimodal (using images, video, audio, etc.), coding, and data analysis, are being rolled out gradually. Our initial user testing found it to be very similar in capability to the paid version of ChatGPT, with slightly more consistent results.

Learn more about Gemini

ChatGPT Gets a Memory


ChatGPT Memory is being tested and rolled out.

ChatGPT have recently rolled out Custom Instructions to help customise how ChatGPT responds to you. You can give it context and instructions on how it should respond, and this impacts your future conversation (accessed via your account and then Custom Instructions).

On top of this they are also rolling out Memory. This allows you either instruct ChatGPT to remember something as well as it picking up facts along the way that it adds to its memory. You can then manage these memories, and they will be used in all future chats. If you’d prefer a chat that doesn’t use these memories, you can also opt for a ‘Temporary’ chat.

Learn more about ChatGPT Memory

Meta Labelling AI Images


Meta has started labelling AI images across its platforms.

Meta has started to label AI images across Instagram, Facebook and Threads automatically. They are also working on standards for tagging AI generate images at the point of creation, as well as using AI to detect AI generated images.

The article below is worth reading as their reference to AI as both a ‘sword and shield’ show how they are considering AI regulation and AI as a tool to prevent fake posts, fake reviews and so on. 

Learn more about Meta's approach to recognising AI images.

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