Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Demo

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In this video, Daniel demos the artificial intelligence writing tool and shows a practical workflow for its use. He shows how you can use it to assist your writing process and some common pitfalls to look out for.


Here is a link for a 7-day free trial with 10,000 free credits: 

Hi everyone, Daniel here. I want to do a quick demo of something that I was pretty blown away by.  I've just come back from Boston in the US for the HubSpot Inbound conference and met with lots of different suppliers and tool providers over there, including

We've spoken about Jasper before on the podcast and it is an artificial intelligence writing tool that I'd used around six months ago. I was kind of impressed and thought it was a good supporting tool, however, Ciaran's always been a big advocate of this so I wanted to give it another go.

I was shown a live demo and was pretty blown away by it, so I went away to try it myself and I wanted to show you why I was impressed and why I think you should have a look at it.

As you can see in the demonstration above, I'm to create a new document from scratch and I'm given a writing panel. I'm going to go in and, say I was trying to write about a marketing model, type in “PDCA model” and put that as both the title and description. I've suggested a professional tone, medium length, and no specific keywords, and that’s all the instructions I’m going to give. I'm then going to hit compose and it’s going to write the whole thing for me and if I click again, it'll continue writing.

If I read the output through, it says “the PDCA model is a four-step process that can be used to continuously improve processes and achieve design. The steps in the PDCA model are; plan, do, check and act” and it gives a summary. That's pretty amazing – it's using artificial intelligence to look at what's on the internet and then write something.

You might be wondering whether it’s just copying this from somewhere and have a plagiarism concern. However (and I was very impressed by this), it has a plagiarism checker. This example is 134 words long and so it is going to cost me 3 cents to have this checked, which is definitely worth doing. If you’re going to use these tools, you don’t want to create something and then find out you are copying something from somewhere else.

My approach would be to use this as a starting point to help build structure, edit it, tidy it up, and put your own spin on it. It’s a great way of finding that starting point and thinking about how you might structure your content. For example, you could go and plan some writing, create bullet points for each step and then take each of those and get Jasper to write about each of those sections, giving you something you can edit and play around with. You could also use it if you get 'writer's block' on a specific topic. Let’s go back and use this plagiarism check.

It’s going to scan the document and tell me that it’s comfortable that there is nothing online that is the exact same as this, which is great. I now have a bit of copy that I can take away. There’s also some additional options in the toolbar to explore.

One is re-phrase. If I don’t like a particular sentence I can ask it to rephrase it for me and it will phrase it in a different way. I can also ask for Jasper to ‘explain it to a 5th grader’ and it will then re-phrase the sentence in really simple terms.

It will also generate artwork, which is a brand-new feature. If you type in a description of something e.g. a blog post that you need an image for and give it some criteria, it can create artwork that no one else will have. It can come up with some pretty ‘far-out’ stuff at the moment, but as you learn to use the artificial intelligence, you can create some pretty good images.

So, I just wanted to give you a demo of how to use this really exciting tool. Below the video there is a sign-up link – if you sign-up via this, you’ll get an extra 10,000 free words to go and use. Check it out for yourself and I hope you enjoy the tool!


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