The Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 160 Build Fast Websites

Mobile Marketing Podcast
20 mins

Ciaran interviews Jon Henshaw, SEO expert and co-founder of Raven Tools. In this episode, we discuss AMP and How to make your website faster without needing to make use of AMP.

What Is AMP?

AMP ( which stands for Accelerated Mobile pages) is a Google-backed project with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content through the use of stripped-down code known as AMP HTML. The idea behind the project was to make it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

It is proven that faster sites get a placement advantage in the mobile search engine results pages on Google and other search engines. With mobile traffic now over half of the traffic most sites get it makes sense to improve the overall user experience of mobile device users.  So AMP sounds like a great solution, right?

Amp Issues

Jon shares some of the ways that the AMP user experience is failing to provide the improved user experience of publishers online content that was the project’s original vision. Jon explains convincingly why he believes AMP is broken but if that is the case what is the alternative? Can you get the benefits of a fast site without resorting to AMP?

Jon argues you absolutely can if you follow his 5 top tips for making your site fast. It’s a compelling argument and one we hope will inspire you to consider some of these AMP free website building options for improving your site and results.

Why is AMP Controversial?

Heralded as an open source project, Google has been championing AMP as the go-to easy solution to make your site faster for mobile users, providing a documented algorithmic boost to search engine results for sites that are making use of AMP. As you will learn from this interview, AMP is not without criticism online, and Jon is not the only one warning of some of the formats drawbacks. You can read more about some of the current criticisms of the AMP platform here.


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