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Course Topics Level Description
10 Social Media Tools Tools & Trends Intermediate Looking at 10 tools to help you maximise your social media tasks and campaigns, this course explores topics like managing social media teams, online influence & social engagement.
10C of Internet Marketing - Part One Marketing Theory Foundation This course introduces the framework of the 10 Cs of Internet Marketing, concentrating on the first 6 Cs, what they are and how they can be used and put into practice.
10C of Internet Marketing - Part Two Marketing Theory Foundation This course concludes our look into the 10 Cs of Internet Marketing by focusing on the final 4 Cs. Rounding up with how the full framework can benefit our digital marketing.
4C of Marketing Communication Marketing Theory Foundation This course introduces you to the 4 Cs of marketing communication - Clarity, Credibility, Consistency and Competitiveness - and shows you how these can be applied in practice.
5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools Tools & Trends Foundation This selection of tools is accompanied by the Digital Marketing Toolkit, a guide to more than 50 of the best digital marketing tools and websites to help you implement digital effectively.
5 Tools for Digital Efficiency Tools & Trends Foundation The vast range of options and platforms available to digital marketers means time is a critical resource. This course explores 5 tools to help you make the most efficient use of your time.
6C of Customer Motivation Marketing Theory Foundation This course explores the ‘6 Cs of customer motivation’, a model that describes the key elements that can play into a business’s Online Value Proposition and how it can be used in practice.
AB Testing Analytics & Data Foundation Do you know how to get the most from your webpages, social activity, and email campaigns? Learn some A/B testing techniques to help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Acting as a Spokesperson Communications Foundation What skills are required to be a good spokesperson? This course explores risks and pitfalls of this challenging role and offers a step by step approach to building speakers confidence.
Advanced Analytics for Content Content Marketing Specialist  Using advanced analytics techniques, this course will show you how to go beyond pageviews to measure and track how users engage with your content and improve time on site measurement.
Advanced Content Marketing Techniques Content Marketing Intermediate With an increasing amount of content online we need to make sure our content offers value. This course focuses on visual content, structured data, as well as content and mobile optimisation.
Advanced Paid Search PPC Specialist Google Ads offers a huge array of advanced targeting, testing and placement options for their advertising platform. This course explores more advanced functionality on Google's paid platform.
Advanced SEO Techniques SEO Specialist How can you improve your SEO? This course covers a range of tools and techniques that are essential for any competitive search campaign. Covering structured markup and mobile usability factors.
AI and Chatbots Usability Foundation What are chatbots and how can they be used in digital marketing? What is AI and how does it relate to chatbots? This course explores these topics and provides a range of useful resources.
Analytics Analytics & Data Intermediate Analytics is an essential tool for assessing and improving digital campaigns. This course talks through the fundamentals of analytics and conversion marketing, metrics and attribution modeling.
Analytics Analysis Analytics & Data Intermediate This course explores the importance and key challenges of making sense of analytics data and looks at audience insights, channel and website performance and conversion measurement.
Analytics for SEO SEO Intermediate Are you making best use of analytics reports that can help you improve your SEO? This course explores the tools and techniques that will help you improve your search rankings.
Analytics Step by Step Analytics & Data Foundation Analytics step by step will walk you through the core elements and reports in Google Analytics and show you how to use them, along with how to use it's more advanced features.
Attribution Modelling Analytics & Data Foundation In this course we look at what Attribution Modelling is, how to access reports in Google Analytics GA4 and how it can be used in practice.
Avoiding Social Media Disasters Social Media Intermediate This course explores how we can avoid being part of the next big social media disaster, the challenges we face, policy setting and how we can minimise our potential risks in a practical way.
Big Data Analytics & Data Intermediate This course will help you understand the concept of Big Data. We explore what it means in practice, what is the key terminology, practical considerations, challenges, and example uses.
Blogger Outreach Social Media Foundation Blogger outreach can amplify social media and boost SEO. Learn to build successful campaigns, identify influential blogs and influencers, managing outreach, and measuring success.
Calculating ROI Digital Strategy Foundation In this course we'll look at what Return on Investment (ROI) is, why it is important to our digital marketing planning, how to calculate it in practical terms and address the limitations of ROI.
ChatGPT in Practice Tools & Trends Foundation This course looks at the different use cases for ChatGPT, providing examples and learnings for various marketing scenarios.
Content Calendars and Social Outreach Content Marketing Intermediate Learn to plan an effective and ethical social media outreach engagement plan. The course includes a useful Content Calendar Template to help you build a successful social media plan.
Content Distribution Content Marketing Foundation Simply building content and hoping people will find it is not an effective content strategy. This course helps you build a content distribution plan as well as setting metrics from the outset.
Content Marketing Content Marketing Foundation Understand exactly what Content Marketing is and where it fits in the Sales Funnel to help you to achieve your objectives and how you can build an effective Content Marketing Strategy.
Content Marketing Ideas Content Marketing Foundation Coming up with great ideas for content marketing can make or break your campaigns. We look at some of the best tools to help you come up with great ideas for your content marketing.
Content Marketing Measurement Content Marketing Intermediate What measures are important in content marketing? This course will help you understand the different types of measures to consider and introduces more advanced analytics techniques.
Content Marketing Tools and Techniques Content Marketing Intermediate This course looks at how we can maximise the impact of our Content Marketing in an increasingly crowded environment, looking at best practice, tools and techniques for better results.
Content Seeding and Repurposing Content Marketing Intermediate This course looks at seeding effective content, repurposing content, along with information about scheduling and publishing content and also includes measurement solutions.
Core Web Vitals Analytics & Data Specialist Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that Google uses to judge a web page's overall user experience that impact SEO. Learn what they are and get instructions for your developer.
Creating a Podcast Content Marketing Foundation Podcasts consumption is growing at a phenomenal rate. How can you create a podcast that achieves your marketing objectives? This course guides you through the process step by step.
Creating Effective Google Ads Copy PPC Intermediate Pay Per Click ad copy can be the difference between campaign success and failure. Explore how to create successful ad copy, maximising CTR and driving campaign objectives.
Crisis Management Communications Foundation Learn the core steps needed to prevent, manage, and fix a communications crisis. This course covers risk reduction, social listening, planning and speed of response.
Data Scraping Analytics & Data Foundation Data scraping allows us to collate information from a range of online sources, to help with sales, marketing, and market insights. Find out how to use these tools and data they collect.
Digital Branding Digital Strategy Specialist Most digital marketers are able to measure online campaigns effectiveness, but the brand impact is often not considered. This course explores digital branding, how to measure and assess it.
Digital Capability Digital Strategy Intermediate This course explores and assesses the key challenges that impact the ability of an organisation to implement digital marketing effectively and how to overcome those challenges.
Digital Capability Benchmark Digital Strategy Foundation Use this tool to assess and analyse the 10 core areas of digital capability within your organisation that lead to digital success and measure how your organisation is doing.
Digital Culture Digital Strategy Intermediate What is Digital Culture and does your organisational culture allow for true digital innovation? This course looks at the close connection between organisational culture and digital success.
Digital Insights Tools Analytics & Data Foundation This course explores a range of tools that help give us insights into a wide range of digital marketing channels, including social media, search, and mobile and user behaviour.
Digital Loyalty Programmes Usability Intermediate This course explores technologies and techniques to build a successful digital loyalty programme, increase loyalty and revenue from existing customers, as well as encourage new customers.
Digital Marketing Case Studies Digital Strategy Foundation Digital marketing is changing quickly and changing the world around us. This course provides some powerful case studies of just how this is happening and what lessons we can learn from it.
Digital Marketing Channel Mix Digital Strategy Foundation What is the right channel combination to achieve your objectives? This course explores the concept of marketing mix and how to apply a measurement based approach to get it right.
Digital Marketing Organisational Structure Digital Strategy Intermediate Where should digital fit into your organisation and how can it operate in a fast changing environment? This course explores structural options and topics like agile working.
Digital Marketing ROI Digital Strategy Specialist How can you assess the impact of your digital campaigns? This course shows to align objectives and analytics to calculate ROI as well as look at common ROI challenges like attribution.
Digital Psychology Usability Intermediate Why do people click on a particular article or buy a particular product? This course introduces digital psychology,looking at series of cognitive biases you can utilise for your desired outcome.
Digital Strategy Models Marketing Theory Foundation What is the best way to plan your digital activity? This course explores a range of different strategy models and frameworks, showing you how to can ally them to your digital activity.
Digital Strategy Step by Step Digital Strategy Intermediate This course guides you step by step through how a traditional planning model like SOSTAC can be used effectively in digital to plan and implement a successful digital strategy.
Digital Trends January 2021 Part One Tools & Trends Foundation In this Jan 2021 update of the latest trends, tools, and techniques in digital marketing, we explore topics including GA4, podcast growth, changes in search behaviour and augmented reality.
Digital Trends January 2021 Part Two Tools & Trends Foundation Our Jan 2021 update of digital marketing trends, tools, and techniques, exploring topics including conversational design, machine learning, core web vitals and the digital skills crisis.
Digital Trends January 2022 Tools & Trends Foundation This January 2022 trends course looks at a range of topics that are impacting digital marketing currently including unified personalisation, skills focus, and community building.
Digital Trends May 2023 Tools & Trends Foundation This course looks at the latest trends including ChatGPT, AI Tools along with changes to Analytics with the launch of GA4
Display Advertising Online Advertising Foundation Learn how targeting and design can achieve effective online advertising and explore topics like ad placement and behavioural targeting to help with planning future campaigns.
Display Advertising Landscape Online Advertising Intermediate Display advertising online now offers a huge range of targeting and bidding options. Covering topics like Real Time Bidding, this course will make the online advertising landscape clear.
Display Advertising Targeting Online Advertising Intermediate Do you like being shown online ads again and again after visiting a website? Neither does anybody else. Make use of the latest data based techniques for smart and effective ad targeting.
Editing Movies on your Phone Content Marketing Foundation Editing and sequencing video well is critical to how professional and effective our videos are. We guide you through core techniques and functionality to will help you create successful videos.
Effective Link Building SEO Intermediate Link building is still an essential element of the major search engine algorithms. This course will give you a step by step guide to the different techniques for building high-quality links.
Effective Online Video Content Marketing Foundation 73% of people prefer to watch a video online over any other type of content. But have you embraced it into your digital strategy? Explore how to use it effectively.
Email Marketing Email Marketing Foundation Understand the challenges of email, learn how to get the best reach, and influence your target audience by designing your email campaigns effectively and following best practice.
Email Marketing Tips and Targeting Email Marketing Intermediate This course covers the increased challenges facing email marketing, from unsubcribe services, as well as, topics like lifecycle targeting, responsive email and dynamic content.
Email Metrics and Analytics Email Marketing Intermediate Are you getting the most from your email marketing and do you understand what your email metrics are telling you? This course covers the opportunities and limitations of email measurement.
Email Techniques Email Marketing Intermediate How do you take your email marketing to the next level and achieve better Open and Clickthrough rates? This course explores a range of best practice techniques to improve your results.
Emerging Technology Digital Strategy Foundation This course explores a range of new technologies that are appearing across a range of industries and covers topics like Blockchain, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.
Emerging Technology in Practice Digital Strategy Foundation This course shows how a range of technologies, such as Wearables and AI, covered in our Emerging Technology course have been applied in practice in an example industry (healthcare).
Employee Advocacy Communications Foundation This course shows a step by step process for leveraging our employees and other stakeholders to help achieve our social objectives, driving employee advocacy and measuring success.
Ethical Social Media Social Media Foundation This course explores how we can ensure that our social media follows best practice, is implemented in an ethical way and how we can maximise transparency for our consumers.
Evaluating Offline Communication Channels Communications Foundation How can we understand the impact activities like print, PR and events have on our bottom line? This course explores what to measure and the connection between online and offline activity.
Events Management Communications Foundation Events can drive communication agendas and create engagement, but poor management can do more damage than good. Learn how to run successful events and avoid common pitfalls.
Facebook Advertising Social Media Intermediate Getting engagement with Facebook pages is increasingly difficult. Learn about the different Facebook advertising options and how you can use and measure them effectively.
Facebook Marketing Social Media Foundation This introductory course looks at Facebook pages and advertising and explores Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events and paid for ads as well as measurement and best practice.
Forresters 5I of Digital Engagement Marketing Theory Foundation This course discusses the purpose of the 5 Is, what each I stands for, and how marketers can use Forrester’s framework to optimise digital customer engagement throughout the user journey.
Fundamentals of Ecommerce Ecommerce & Lead Gen Foundation What are the key factors to consider when selling online? This course explores the opportunities and challenges of online selling as well as discussing measurement and ecommerce platforms.
GA4 Conversion Events Analytics & Data Foundation This course explains what Conversion Events are and how to set them up. It explores how we can test them and what insights can be gained from them.
Gantt Charts for Digital Marketing Marketing Theory Foundation Learn how to use Gantt chart for project management when creating a digital marketing strategy and create an efficient and visual way of displaying tasks that helps with prioritisation.
Getting More From Twitter Social Media Intermediate How to grow your Twitter audience and increase engagement in a time efficient way? This course covers tools and techniques to get more from Twitter and automate some of your activity.
Google Ads Campaign Settings PPC Foundation Do you understand the options available when setting up Google PPC campaigns? This course walks you through the setup of campaigns and offers tips to maximise campaign impact.
Google Display Ads Online Advertising Foundation Google offers a huge range of advertising options beyond Pay Per Click ads. This course explains targeting options and how to create effective display ads using the Google Ads platform.
Guide to Cookies Analytics & Data Intermediate What are cookies, how can we use them effectively and what are the privacy implications of the use of cookies? This course will give you a guide to everything a marketer needs to know.
Guide to YouTube Vlogging Content Marketing Foundation What is Vlogging and how to use it in a business context? This course explores the essential tips and some practical considerations needed for a successful YouTube channel.
Hands-on Guide to Podcasting Content Marketing Specialist Do you know how many people listen to podcasts and why podcasts are growing in popularity again? This course will guide you through best practice to create a successful podcast.
Hands-on Guide to Video Production Content Marketing Specialist Do you know your ISO from your FPS? This course is a hands-on technical guide covering everything you need to know, from from equipment to post production, to produce great videos.
Hosting a Podcast Content Marketing Foundation Learn how and where to host your podcast, how to measure episode performance and audience engagement, how to grow your audience reach and how to monetise your content.
How to Carry out an SEO Audit SEO Intermediate Learn the tools and techniques you need to carry out an SEO audit in order to effectively plan your search optimisation efforts prioritising the activities that will have the biggest impact.
Instagram for Business Social Media Foundation This course looks at how Instagram can be used for your business. We will be exploring some of its functionality and what to post along with key success factors and analytics.
Integrated Campaigns Digital Strategy Intermediate Understand channel selection and integration and how online/offline campaigns can work together to ensure you are maximising the different elements of your campaigns to meet your objectives.
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Ecommerce & Lead Gen Foundation Do you know the difference betwene affiliates, merchants and networks? This course covers the essentials of affiliate marketing to help understand how to drive more ‘pay on conversion' traffic.
Introduction to Agile Working Digital Strategy Intermediate Know your Scrum from your Sprint? An Agile methodology helps us to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches to projects and this course takes you through the core principles.
Introduction to ChatGPT Tools & Trends Foundation This course introduces ChatGPT, its various use cases and explores how it can be used for marketing purposes.
Introduction to Email Automation Email Marketing Foundation This course looks into email automation and how the right email at the right time, or regular communication, can help you maximise your relationship with your customers to grow your business.
Introduction to GA4 Analytics & Data Foundation This course introduces and explains what you need to know about the functions of Google Analytics 4 in preparation for the upcoming replacement of Universal Analytics (GA3) in July 2023.
Introduction to Usability Usability Foundation Putting the customer at the heart of what you do can make a big difference to your business. This course explores usability and key concepts that can improve your digital marketing efforts.
Keyword Planning for Google Ads Campaigns PPC Intermediate Effective keyword research can be the difference between success and failure for paid search campaigns. This course outlines some tested techniques for building effective keyword plans.
Keyword Research SEO Foundation Is your keyword strategy maximising your content's impact across search and social? This course looks at cross channel impact and the techniques to use to get the most out of your content.
Landing Page Optimisation Usability Foundation We focus on driving more traffic to our websites, but are we getting the most from the traffic we deliver? Explore straight forward techniques to get more from your landing pages.
Lauterborn 4C of Marketing Marketing Theory Intermediate The 4Cs of marketing is a more consumer centric take on the 4Ps marketing mix model. This course explores each of the 4Cs and guides you through using the model in customer centric way.
Lead Generation Ecommerce & Lead Gen Foundation This course looks at the practical considerations and insight tools we need to take into account when using digital marketing to generate leads, how to set objectives and measure success.
LinkedIn Social Media Foundation How can LinkedIn assist you in achieving your business objectives? This course will show you little known features and how to measure LiknedIn's effectiveness as a sales and marketing tool.
LinkedIn Advertising Social Media Intermediate This course looks through the benefits of LinkedIn Advertising, the options available when choosing to advertise on LinkedIn, and explores ROI measurement along with best practice tips.
Loyalty Ladder Marketing Theory Foundation This course looks at how the Loyalty Ladder model can create customer experiences and content that encourages repeat engagement with your product, service, and brand.
Managing Agencies Digital Strategy Foundation Using agencies can be a great way to grow your digital capability, but how can you get the most out of their services? This course explores choosing, bridging, and working with agencies.
Managing PPC Agencies Digital Strategy Foundation This course covers some key factors to consider when choosing a PPC agency as well as how to build an effective relationship with them to maximise your ROI.
Managing SEO Agencies Digital Strategy Foundation Using or thinking about using an SEO agency? This course covers some key things to look out for in order to maximise their effectiveness.
Managing Social Media Social Media Intermediate This course covers the core factors that need to be considered when managing social media campaigns, effective social media policy process setting, moderation and monitoring.
Managing Social Media Outreach Social Media Specialist The difference between good and great social media is often how well we manage social outreach. This course explores techniques to amplify our social efforts and improve social campaigns.
Marketing Automation Email Marketing Specialist This course shows how marketing automation allows us to focus on the user journey and trigger communications and engagement in the most efficient ways using scoring and nurturing.
Marketing Models The 7S Marketing Theory Foundation How can you plan to manage strategic change effectively? The 7Ss Framework highlights key areas we need to consider when implementing strategic change, including of digital transformation.
Marketing Models: The 7P Marketing Theory Foundation Where should you focus marketing efforts once you have a clear strategy? This course explores how the 7Ps models can help you evaluate and improve all of your tactical efforts.
McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey Marketing Theory Intermediate Why is the consumer journey no longer a linear one and how are buying decisions really made? This model helps us to understand and consider how consumers make choices.
Media Handling Communications Foundation Understanding the motivation and objectives of the media can help manage media relations effectively. Avoid common mistakes and build positive media relations with hands-on guidance.
Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing Foundation High mobile adoption impacts all areas of digital marketing. Learn about the key opportunities, how to deliver integrated campaigns that follow best practice and how to measure success.
Mobile Optimised Email Email Marketing Foundation With the majority of emails now being opened on a mobile device, are your campaigns truly mobile optimised? This course walks you through a step by step process to optimisation.
Mobile Site and App Design Mobile Marketing Intermediate Designing mobile optimised apps and sites is increasingly essential. This course covers scenario planning, responsive design and difference between sites, web apps and native apps.
Mobile Technologies Mobile Marketing Intermediate This course explores the mobile technologies that allows us to create great utility and experiences for users. It covers iBeacons, virtual and augmented reality and technology adoption.
Online Persuasion Techniques Usability Intermediate Explore some the key tips and techniques that can be used online to drive engagement and conversion from your website visitors.
Online Writing Techniques Content Marketing Intermediate What are the key techniques to use for effective online writing? This course explores topics such as calls to action, A/B testing as well as SEO and organisational guidelines.What are the best techniques to use for effective online writing? This course explores topics such as calls to action, A/B Testing and SEO, as well as organisational guidelines.
Paid Social Media Social Media Intermediate This course explores paid advertising within Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, looking at best practice and the options available such as boosted, promoted and sponsored content and ads.
Pay Per Click PPC Foundation Pay Per Click advertising offers the opportunity to drive immediate and qualified website traffic. Understand quality scoring, how to run effective campaigns and the benefits of PPC.
Personal Branding with LinkedIn Social Media Foundation What impression are you really making online? This course explores the idea of personal branding, how it can help or hinder you, and how LinkedIn is an essential personal branding tool.
Personal Productivity Digital Strategy Foundation This course, based around the FIRE Formula, is designed to reflect on and challenge the way you work helping you to transform your productivity and achieve better results.
Personalisation Usability Intermediate This course explores how personalisation can be used to get engagement, help our target audience, and drive business objectives as well as cover the technology we need to achieve it.
Personas and The User Journey Usability Intermediate This course explores how to use persona marketing and user journey mapping and looks at the practical application of combining the two techniques to benefit your business.
PESTEL Analysis Marketing Theory Foundation What external factors can impact our ability to implement a digital strategy? PESTEL can help analyse the external environment or organisation where a strategy will be delivered.
Pinterest Social Media Foundation Explore how Pinterest works and how you can take advantage of some its features to make use of this incredibly effective channel.
Planning and Channel Selection Digital Strategy Intermediate This course will help you plan and build digital marketing campaigns, explore the user journey online and select the most appropriate channel for your business and campaign.
Porters 5 Forces Marketing Theory Foundation Porter's Five Forces is a simple but powerful tool for understanding the competitiveness of your business environment, and for identifying your strategy's potential profitability.
Print Photography Communications Foundation What are the risks of using stock photography? How can you manage a photo-shoot professionally and efficiently? All these questions and more are answered in this highly practical course.
Privacy and Data Analytics & Data Foundation Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and how data is used. Learn key considerations to re-assure customers of the value proposition and use data in an effective way.
Programmatic Advertising Online Advertising Specialist Do you know your SSP from you DMP? 1st Party from 3rd Party data? This course explores Programmatic Advertising and how you can effectively use data to create highly targeted campaigns.
Promoting Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing Intermediate This course explains how to promote an app ensuring it stands out in the app stores and addresses common mistakes that can lead to app failure, as well as, covering App Charts and Reviews.
RACE Framework Marketing Theory Foundation RACE is a strategy planning model widely used and respected in digital marketing. This course introduces the model and highlights key resources to use the framework in your planning.
Reporting Dashboards Analytics & Data Intermediate To drive effective campaigns, we need data from multiple sources presented in easy to understand ways. Learn how Dashboarding can help achieve this and what system is most appropriate.
Responsive Site Design Mobile Marketing Intermediate Are you clear on the difference between a responsive and an optimised responsive website? This course works through the key considerations and techniques for designing.
SAF Model Marketing Theory Foundation The SAF model is designed to allow you to evaluate the strategic options available to you. In this course, we explore the model in action and how it can be applied to your digital marketing.
Scenario Planning Digital Strategy Intermediate Do you know when to use agencies and what are the risks of outsourcing social media? This course covers the most common digital marketing scenarios giving you feedback on your choices.
Search Analysis Tools SEO Intermediate The most commonly used free SEO tool has limitations, this course explores some more advanced commercial SEO tools, looking at keywords research, rank checking and link measurement.
Search Console Analytics & Data Intermediate Google Search Console helps you manage and improve your website to mximise search rankings and the user experience. Walk through each of the core reports and what they mean to you.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO Foundation Discover the key steps in search engine optimisation such as keyword research, on-page optimisation and link building. Explores the connection between social and search.
Search Optimisation Tips and Techniques SEO Intermediate Explore search trends and changes in Google, understand Knowledge Graph Results and learn a range of techniques to help you understand the Google algorithm to maximise rankings.
SEO and Content Marketing Content Marketing Foundation Understand the importance of content when looking at search optimisation. This course will give hands-on advice and practical tools to maximise your SEO using content.
SEO Friendly Content Writing Content Marketing Foundation How can you write content that stands the best chance of ranking well in the major search engines? This course covers goals, content optimisation, keyword research and measurement.
Setting and Measuring Campaign Objectives Digital Strategy Intermediate Setting the right objectives and considering how they will be measured is key to running any successful digital campaign. This course shows you how set and implement these objectives.
SMART Digital Marketing Objectives Marketing Theory Foundation In this course we'll look at what SMART objectives are and how they can be useful when planning your digital marketing strategy and how they lead to getting better results.
Snapchat for Marketing Social Media Foundation Is Snapchat the right social channel for your audience and how does it work in practice for marketing? Understand the fundamentals of Snapchat and what it can do for you.
Social Commerce Ecommerce & Lead Gen Foundation What does the future of social commerce look like and how will it impact your business? This course helps you target the right channels to the right audience and test and learn.
Social Customer Service Communications Foundation What role does social media play in customer service and how can we offer great customer service online? This course explores the tools, techniques and best practice of social customer service.
Social Media Social Media Foundation Explore the key trends across the key social media channels, learn how to select, monitor, and achieve best practice for your business in each of the key social channels.
Social Media Buy-In and Risk Social Media Intermediate How can you build social media campaigns, minimise the risk of social disasters and get internal buy-in? This course explores the processes needed to implement risk-mitigated campaigns.
Social Media Employee Policy Social Media Foundation What is the difference between a social media policy and an employee social media policy? What should it contain and why? This course answers these questions and more.
Social Media Measurement Social Media Intermediate Effective measurement of social media needs us to go beyond volume based metrics. Explore how to understand and measure the ROI of your social campaigns as well as share of voice.
Social Media Monitoring Social Media Intermediate This course explores how using key tools and techniques to monitor and listen to social media can be used to help inform our social media and content plans and workflows.
Social Outreach Social Media Intermediate How can you amplify your social media efforts to maximise reach and impact? This course guides you through a process for identifying and managing social influencers and advocates.
Social Selling Ecommerce & Lead Gen Foundation How we buy products and services has changed, so have we changed how we sell? Social selling is a new approach that utilises social media to build relationships and our sales funnels.
Social Signals Social Media Intermediate This course explores the increasing importance of measured social engagement and algorithms, what is social proof, how it impacts a wide range of digital channels and how we can measure it.
Sourcing Global Digital Statistics Tools & Trends Foundation Keeping up to date with the latest digital marketing statistics can be challenging. This course explores a range of reliable and trustworthy sources of up to date global digital statistics.
Stakeholder Management Communications Foundation Who are the key people that will help your project succeed or fail? Stakeholder management is a process for identifying, analysing, and engaging with the key individuals for a project.
Stakeholder Mapping Communications Foundation Defining stakeholders is essential for running successful projects, yet mapping is rarely a formal part of most projects plans. Learn the core skills of stakeholder mapping.
Staying Up To Date With Digital Tools & Trends Intermediate Explore five key techniques for improving your knowledge and how to always stay up to date with the latest developments in the ever changing world of digital marketing.
STP Model Marketing Theory Foundation Explore the 3 stages of the STP model, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Each step is broken down to see how they can be used to tailor and keep marketing activities customer centric.
Strategic Insights Digital Strategy Intermediate Do you truly understand your customers and the environment you work in? This course explores the need for strategic insights, where to get them and some of the challenges faced.
Strategic Marketing In Perspective Digital Strategy Intermediate What are objectives and strategy of your digital activity? This course will guide you through the fundamentals of strategic marketing and how it should inform our digital activity.
SWOT and TOWS Analysis Marketing Theory Foundation SWOT is a useful technique for understanding strengths and weaknesses, identifying the opportunities open to you and threats faced. TOWS takes this further allowing you to build plans.
Tag Manager Analytics & Data Specialist Want to be able to efficiently implement things like advanced analytics and re-targeting without a developer? This course explores the opportunity and advantages of Google Tag Manager.
The Ansoff Matrix Marketing Theory Intermediate What the best way to grow your business and what are the risks involved in different approaches you may take? The Ansoff matrix helps to analyse possible strategies and what level of risk is involved.
The Deming Cycle Marketing Theory Intermediate The Deming Cycle/PDCA cycle is a systematic approach that can help improve aspects of marketing work, from marketing workflow to team structure and the tactics used with specific marketing channels.
The Glue Project Marketing Theory Foundation This course introduces the principles of GLUE - a guide on how to use GLUE to build and manage online communities as well as covering the different life stages a community goes through.
The Social Media Honeycomb Model Marketing Theory Foundation The Social Media Honeycomb is a checklist of considerations for selecting and working with social channels. Explore the different considerations and how the model can be used in practice.
TikTok For Business Social Media Foundation This course looks at the benefits of using TikTok as a platform for marketing and introduces its unique functionality which can help engage a different audience of customers.
Tone of Voice Communications Foundation Understanding what our brand stands for is at the core of effective communication. Explore key considerations like personals and formality to build an effective tone of voice.
Tracking Campaign Results Analytics & Data Intermediate This course explores the different techniques used for tracking our campaigns and explores some useful tools that can improve this essential tracking and save us time.
Twitter Advertising Social Media Intermediate Twitter offers a range of highly targeted advertising options. This course looks at the core ad types, and it explores some of the more advanced options available as well as measurement.
Twitter In Perspective Social Media Foundation Plan to use and measure Twitter effectively. This course explores the fundamentals of Twitter and looks at how it should be used as part of a planned social media strategy.
Twitter Optimisation and Analytics Social Media Intermediate How many times a day should you Tweet? At what time of day? What are the best topics to Tweet about? This course helps you make sure you maximise the impact of your Tweets.
Understanding GDPR Analytics & Data Foundation Do you understand the key principles of GDPR and how it impacts your business? Find out what you need to do to make sure you are compliant with GDPR in this step by step guide.
Usability Testing Usability Foundation Usability testing is an important element of the user-centered design process. This course looks at the customer experience and offers a step by step guide to usability testing.
User Experience and SEO SEO Intermediate User experience has an ever increasing role in search engine optimisation. Learn how to create a user experience that not only helps your users, but also gets you better search rankings.
User Journey and Content Strategy Content Marketing Intermediate Do you understand how/why your audience make buying decisions? This course provides a framework that aligns the user journey with content strategy maximising the impact of your activity.
User Journey Mapping Usability Foundation Using personas and user journey maps is the key to an effective digital marketing approach. Learn the core techniques and processes to map your user journer with this step by step approach.
Using Data to Improve Campaigns Analytics & Data Intermediate In this course we explore how web analytics and other forms of data following the customer journey can be used to go beyond last click attribution and improve our digital marketing activity.
Using Meta Business Tools Social Media Intermediate Are you using Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp in your marketing mix? Learn how Meta’s business tools can help you manage activity across all these channels and maximise marketing efforts.
Visual Engagement Communications Foundation What kind of images work and how do they impact the results of our campaigns? This course explores core elements of visual communications and how they can help drive our objectives.
Writing Effective Titles and Headlines Content Marketing Foundation Well written titles have a huge impact on the success of your content. This course guides you through what works, what doesn't, and how to get the most from every piece you produce.
Writing for Digital Content Marketing Foundation With content and copy being used across multiple devices and channels, this course will guide you through the online writing process from planning to implementation and beyond.
Writing Online Press Releases Content Marketing Foundation Do online press releases work and what is their role in a noisy and content fuelled digital world? Learn what differentiates success from failure and follow this best practice guide.

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