Find out how you can study online for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing , with Target Internet.


We’re delighted to announce that Target Internet is a fully accredited Online Study Centre for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. This will create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to work towards this prestigious qualification in an online learning environment.

In this article, we’re going to take you through how online study for the Level 6 Diploma works, how much it costs (hint: it’s much less than a traditional study centre!) and how to sign up.

What is the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing?

The CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing qualification covering digital strategy, channels and customer experience. The course is designed to develop a combination of strategic understanding and tactical implementation.

With course content equivalent to an undergraduate degree, the Diploma is the most respected qualification of its type. According to the CIM, it was “developed following extensive global employer-led research including small businesses, international organisations and numerous marketers across a range of marketing and business functions.”

You may have noticed there are other, easier digital marketing qualifications available online – things like Squared Online. The key difference is that the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma is a far more serious undertaking; a thorough, well-respected qualification involving a considerable amount of work. Both the skills you learn and the qualification you gain will help differentiate you from other professionals.

The CIM is the largest marketing body in the world – a globally respected, chartered institution with over 35,000 members and students in over 110 countries. It’s also an Ofqual-regulated qualification provider, with accreditation from the European Marketing Confederation.

You can find further details on the Diploma at the CIM website.

How does Target Internet’s CIM Level 6 Diploma Elearning work?

Studying for your Diploma with Target Internet is simple, effective and supremely flexible.

For a monthly fee of £25, you get access to our CIM-approved elearning – an online environment that takes you through all the same content you’d encounter in a Study Centre classroom.

About our elearning

Our elearning uses a mixture of written resources, video and revision tasks to build learners’ understanding of the Level 6 Diploma course content. It has been designed by CIM course compilers to provide a well-rounded education and the perfect preparation for each module’s assessment.

One of the great benefits of our elearning is that – unlike a traditional test centre – it allows you to study at your own pace. With a total study time of roughly 130 hours per module, the choice of whether to study intensively, slowly or somewhere in-between is up to you.

Assessments and costs

Once you’ve completed the study towards a module, you’ll be ready to take a CIM assessment for the module. This will be in the form of a written assessment covering several questions, which the CIM will assess at a cost of £185.

Your Target Internet tutor will be on hand throughout the process to ensure your assessment runs smoothly and with an excellent chance of success.

Breakdown of costs:

Target Internet elearning subscription£25 per month

CIM Affiliate studying Membership £60 per year
CIM assessments£185 per assessment (total from £555)

This represents a considerable saving on the cost of studying for the Diploma at a traditional CIM Study Centre.

We’re the first CIM-accredited training providers ever to offer study towards the Level 6 Diploma online – so you can rest assured you won’t find an offer like this anywhere else!

Support for learners

In this digitally-connected world, there is no reason why an online study centre shouldn’t provide an even better level of support for students than the average traditional study centre does. And that’s exactly what we are setting out to do.

Our learners can email their CIM-accredited tutor at any time for 1-on-1 guidance on course content, CIM assessment tasks and how to use Target Internet elearning. Thanks to their years of experience as marketers and educators, our tutors will almost always have the answers!

Also included in your subscription fee is access to our monthly webinars in which our tutors will help you and your fellow learners work through the content you’ve been studying. This will provide a regular opportunity for us to answer your questions and offer advice to help you prepare for your assessments.

Who can take the Diploma?

According to the CIM, the Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is designed for marketers in operational, supervisory or management roles who want to develop their digital marketing strategy and skills. It tends to be suitable for digital marketing managers, digital specialists and marketing managers who want a better understanding of digital.

In order to qualify to take the Diploma, you must have one or more of the following:

  • Professional Certificate in Marketing or Certificate in Professional Marketing.
  • A relevant Level 4 qualification.
  • Foundation Degree in Business with Marketing.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognised university, with at least one-third of credits coming from marketing content.
  • Professional practice (suggested two years marketing in an operational role) plus diagnostic assessment onto Level 6.

If you’re newer to digital marketing and require a more foundational qualification, you’ll be able to find a more suitable option in our Digital Marketing Online Learning range (there’s a Free Trial option for new learners).

How is the Digital Diploma structured?

The Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is made up of three mandatory modules, each of which requires around 130 hours study time and culminates in an assessment. The modules are as follows:

Driving Digital Experience – “This module provides insights into the digital customer experience and highlights how you can adapt to this changing market.”

Digital Strategy – “Provides insight into how organisations can implement a digital marketing strategy and build these capabilities into the overall strategic plan.”

Mastering Digital Channels – “This will enable you to drive strategic comprehension for management and growth of digital channels, as well as critical factors concerning compliance.”

Each Award is a qualification in itself, studied individually as a certificate. Once you have passed all three, you get the full Level 6 Diploma qualification. Alternatively, you may wish to study only one or two of the modules, to gain the ideal learning and qualification to suit you.

Assessment tasks are marked using the following grade boundaries:

Distinction (D): 70-100
Merit (M): 60-69
Pass (P): 50-59
Fail (F): 0-49

This grade structure applies to each Award individually, and also to the Diploma as a whole.

Why Target Internet is an ideal training provider for this qualification

Target Internet is uniquely well-equipped to provide online training for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. As experienced digital marketing elearning providers, we possess the expertise, resources and online setup needed to deliver the required high standard of elearning. And as CIM trainers and course compilers, we have an exceptional level of insight into the course content for the Diploma.

We’re already partnered with the CIM as their exclusive elearning providers, and the addition of the Level 6 Diploma to our elearning offering represents a deepening of that relationship. Two of our directors also work as CIM course directors, and we are fully engaged in helping the Institute develop their digital offering going forward.

Our CEO, Daniel Rowles, had this to say about the Diploma:

“This qualification is all about driving your career forward, moving up a level and making your job un-automatable. There’s a strong element of strategy involved, as well as tactics.

“By training with us – the first and only fully accredited online CIM study centre – you’ll benefit from an exemplary education and a level of flexibility that’s simply not available elsewhere. Studying online will enable you to work around your day-to-day life, picking up or slowing down your studies to suit your schedule. Whatever your approach, we’ll give you the support you need for an outstanding chance to pass the qualification with flying colours.”

How to sign up

Still interested in studying for the Level 6 CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing with Target Internet? We’re delighted to hear it!

Our Level 6 CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing elearning is available here right now. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your digital marketing career!