Podcasting is generally an underrated channel and we can demonstrate that with a simple fact. More people listen to podcasts than use micro-blogging services like Twitter (as you can see from these stats(Source: GlobalWebIndex Q1 2015 Internet Users Aged 16-64)

Online Activities Done in the Past Month on PC, Mobile or Tablet

Source: GlobalWebIndex Q1 2015 Internet Users Aged 16-64

So what is is that makes podcasts so popular and what does a good podcast provide to it’s target audience? We’ve compiled the key success factors for podcasts in an infographic below, but it all comes down to content and format. Podcasts provide value via their content and do so in a format that is convenient for the listener. We get different media time from most digital content as most people listen when travelling and will therefore do so for much longer periods of time than when looking at a website or interacting with a social media website.