Digital Strategy in Perspective

For a long time we’ve known that a lot of organisations move straight into digital tactics and don’t have an effective digital strategy. We’ve combined some stats from a range of places that paint a very clear picture in the infographic you can see here. You can see the key points below, which although not unexpected are still pretty shocking. Some of the key issues that this highlights are below, and we’ll be exploring these in the podcast and in this blog over the coming weeks.

The Lack of Digital Strategy

Many organisations are still operating without a digital strategy, and many seem to be doing OK. However I’d suggest that they would probably do even better if they took a step back and work out why they are doing things and potentially focus their efforts on the most effective things they are doing. The most commonly quoted reason for not having strategy was a lack of time and the fast moving nature of digital. There is just so much going on that stopping to take stock and look at things was seen as an unaffordable luxury. This is most likely a short sighted but understandable situation that really needs to be addressed.

A Separate Digital and Overall Marketing Strategy

Another extremely common reported issue was that of having a completely separate digital strategy from the main marketing strategy that weren’t connected in anyway. This is clearly nonsense as the two things have to be clearly aligned for any effective planning, but is born out of organisational structures that completely separate Digital from Marketing. This challenge of where marketing should live within an organisation isn’t going away and needs to be considered. Should you have a separate digital marketing team? Should it be part of the marketing team or should it be distributed throughout the organisation? The reality is that there is no single right answer and it needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the organisation. One thing is for sure though. If you have two separate strategies, they need to be fully integrated.

Strategic Marketing-Infographic600PX