We talk to Mike Baxter, a renowned strategy expert about effective personal and organisation strategy. Mike has spent over 20 years delivering independent front-line consultancy to some of the world’s leading companies like Google, Sony Playstation, Cisco and HSBC. 

Ciaran explores with Mike, what effective strategy looks like, and what kind of environments can accelerate or poison great strategies. Mike shares with us practical steps all of us can take to better align ourselves with all manner of strategies.

No matter where you are in an organisational structure, Mike believes we all have a very real opportunity to improve and accelerate results both as individuals and as part of a larger team and organisation. 

Learn how to adapt and thrive in the changing and challenging environment of 2020 and beyond. How can you leverage on your boss’s strategy and or your boss’s boss’s strategy to achieve further recognition for your own efforts? What are you doing to make your part in what happens a crucial and celebrated success?

Mike’s new book, “The Strategy Manual: A step-by-step guide to the transformational change of anything“, launches on the 28th of September and draws on his many years of expertise and thought leadership. It’s a practical handbook for anyone with an interest in the development, management or governance of strategy.

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