We speak to children’s activity book author Dawn Isaac about ideas for keeping children entertained and happy while you also balance working from home. Dawn shares with Ciaran a whole bunch of creative ideas that both adults and children, and maybe even your co-workers might enjoy given half the chance. Dawn also gives an interesting insight into her own creative process and a writer and author and mother of 3.

We don’t quite cover 101 ideas in this episode, but Dawn has provided us with links for this episodes show notes which should give you more than you need in terms of ideas and inspiration, so please do explore these.

We are presenting this as a bonus episode as we know it’s off-topic from our usual marketing related content and won’t be relevant to all our listeners. However, we hope any of you balancing working from home with children will find this useful in combatting the ever raging battle against boredom. Please do share this episode with anyone you think might find it useful. 

As always we welcome your feedback.

Useful Links

Why Don’t You TV Opening and End Credits

Dawn’s Website

Dawn’s Books on Amazon

Dawn’s Facebook Page with 2 free projects a day for lockdown

Drawing videos that kids can follow 

A great range of manageable family activities

Red Ted Art- A good crafting activities – especially for younger children – often includes how-to videos

Frugal Fun for Boys does exactly what it says on the tin

Manageable projects and experiments for kids

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