We take another look at Chat Marketing with Special Guest Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey. Ciaran and Daniel introduce this episode and share their journey with Chatbots and explore some of the scepticism surrounding them. If you are cynical about Chatbots and what they might offer your organisation have a listen to this episode and also catch up with our earlier episode on Conversational AI.

Larry Kim
Anyone active in social media in the marketing space can’t have failed to have been influenced by Larry Kim. Famous for his use of Unicorns and Donkeys as a metaphor, Larry is a one-man powerhouse of great digital marketing tips. Always experimenting creatively with his digital marketing, what Larry learns he shares with the global audience who follow him.

MobileMonkey and Facebook Messenger
Since selling WordStream in May 2018 (which he founded in 2007), Larry has been busy building and refining an online chat marketing service called MobileMonkey. His view is that chat marketing will be one of the next big opportunities for digital growth in marketing and his team is focussed on building the next generation of chat marketing tools.

We speak to Larry about how he got interested in Chat marketing and chatbot services and pick his brains on how this new marketing medium and discipline differs from more traditional email marketing which so many businesses rely on for communicating with their customer audience. With engagement rates dropping on email as a channel for many marketers, could Chat marketing offer a viable alternative way to communicate with your online audiences? Larry thinks it will and is putting his reputation and focus behind that belief. Listen in and learn why he thinks that.

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