Ciaran and Daniel walk us through how to go about planning and building an effective Google Ad campaigns using a process that is quick to do and gets excellent results. With a little bit of basic knowledge you can be getting targeted traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost your competitors may well be paying.

The secret is to build highly focussed highly targeted ad-groups within your campaign and to follow a sensible and cautious bidding strategy that grows as your campaign achieves success and builds credibility in each keywords space within Google.

In this episode, Ciaran walks us through an easy to follow process he has been employing which has been driving great results. If you have been wanting to get started out in  Google Ads but have become lost in the complexities of the interface Google Ads offers, this starts out primer has been designed to help you get started. We also hope this primer might even help a few seasoned PPC professionals make more of their budgets.

From keyword planning through to Ad keyword matching options and sound targeted landing pages, this episode will walk you through the basics to help get you started.

Useful Links

Keywords Everywhere
Keyword Shitter ( Yes this is the tool we couldn’t name check in the episode)
Adwords Wrapper

Bing Keywords Planner
Google Ads Planner

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